Solo Art Show: Tiny’s Coffee SE

For those of you in Portland, listen up: for the whole month of August I will have pictures up on the walls at Tiny's Coffee SE. I was trying to remember if I've ever had a show of JUST my illustrations. I've shown my canvas work here and there, and illustrations have popped up in [...]

Closing in

So my primary function in this Opera is to walk (very) slowly and smoothly. I am to follow a route, move props around, and wear a silly costume, but the most important thing is to keep things slow and smooth. Although my initial route is a long way up-stage (thus I receive less walking notes [...]


The first time I ever saw the Keller Auditorium was when I accidentally found the Ira Keller Fountain. At the time I was showing a couch surfer from Montana around Portland, and it was a lovely, serendipitous thing to happen upon. I saw the auditorium building from the fountain, saw how big it was. A [...]

Bits and pieces from last week’s rehearsals

Saturday was funny because by the time we arrived everyone was sick and tired of everything.As times goes on we have been adding more and more elements of the finished show to the rehearsal. Saturday it was time to integrate the children's choir at last. I had seen them milling around the hallways, but I [...]

Wonderful things at the Opera

On Sunday -- good heavens -- we were going to stage with the leads. But we started in a blank room next to the rehearsal stage. No giant table, no props, no wings. Nothing. Just a smallish table that someone dragged to the center of the room, and a CD player with our music on [...]

Costume elaborations

The scene we play in the Portland Opera's Hansel and Gretel is actually very sweet and moving, but there is a slight nudge into the weird because we are wearing these chef costumes and the faces are a bit ghoulish.  During rehearsals we have started to wear the heads in addition to our wings and [...]

First Rehearsal

I keep getting these wonderful emails that say things like, "trees, please make sure you wear pants you don't mind getting dirty, since you'll have to put berries in your pockets".We were also sent a video of a version of the sequence we are in, but there are a lot of differences in our production. [...]

I must have a thing for fat-suits

A couple years ago I worked at a newspaper in our small college town, for the classified section. Our office was very into Halloween -- each department would dress up as one thing or another and put on little skits for everyone. That year our department of about seven people decided to dress as the [...]