Solo Art Show: Tiny’s Coffee SE

For those of you in Portland, listen up: for the whole month of August I will have pictures up on the walls at Tiny's Coffee SE. I was trying to remember if I've ever had a show of JUST my illustrations. I've shown my canvas work here and there, and illustrations have popped up in [...]

Day 6: The Getty

The last notable thing I did in LA was visit the Getty Center, which was something a friend of mine had insisted I do. It is a Great Big Free Place Filled With Art.It is named for J. Paul Getty, an oilman named by Fortune magazine in 1957 as "the richest living American". The bulk of his estate went [...]

Day 5: Echo Park

I stayed in the Echo Park neighborhood, and whenever I wasn't taking in sights in an official way I was wandering around looking at murals and wondering about oldish buildings on or about this section of Sunset Avenue. The first night in Los Angeles I made my way down to the neighborhood's namesake. Modeled after Shipley Park [...]

Day 4: Uber and opening

It goes without saying that yesterday I should have taken Uber from my venue. How was I to know?My budget really didn't extend to things beyond my transit card (all paid up for the week,) and there was something a little intimidating about this Brave New World of sharing, though by and large that nervousness turned [...]

Day 3 : transit mishaps

Most guidebooks I have looked at tell the visitor that LA is a car city. You can't really get around without a car, they warn, you'll be stuck without one.These travel guides must not talk to locals, because according to Wikipedia, LA boasts the third-largest public transportation system in the country -- and a dizzying number [...]

Day 3 : artist preview

Ron Finley lives in Los Angeles. I know the man is busy and has better things to do than meet someone who admires his take on One Of The Major Social Issues Of Our Time In A Way That Is Human And Manageable, but a person can dream, and in the idealistic phase of planning the [...]

Day 3: Hollyhock House

Today, on the recommendation of my AirBnB host, I visited Hollyhock House, one of the few Frank Lloyd Wright buildings you can tour. It is STUNNING inside, and a pretty interesting story behind the whole thing that I only got a taste of and would like to look into more. It was commissioned by a wealthy [...]

Day 2, Part 2: Watts Towers

From the glittery land of Civic Improvement I take the blue line south down to Watts, where Regular Folks Live.  After a few false starts I make my way from third to seventh, along the vacant lot and tiny houses. Once I turn the corner around a church, I can see them.  These towers were made by a [...]

Day 2: Ann’s tour

GET READY FOR PHOTOS. I was not economical with my snapshots. Partly this was because the weather during my first two days here was incredibly hot, and I alas did not bring either of my straw hats. (I missed them very badly on this trip.) I also just crammed a lot of sight seeing into [...]

Day 1: Arriving

By the time I reached Union Station I had been in transit about seven hours. City bus to light rail to airport, airplane to fancy shuttle bus to Union Station. The fancy shuttle bus was suggested to me by my AirBnB host in one of our final logistics emails. I was grateful for the tip [...]