I had the great pleasure of putting together a ketubah -- jewish wedding contract -- for a client not that long ago. It was a fun challenge, I really enjoy making milestone objects like this for people. 

Painter’s Way

I have written before about the Oregon Country Fair, but I haven't written much about the PEOPLE. The community of gentle, wonderful people that make the thing possible. It's a large group of people I feel deeply connected to, although I've only had the pleasure of their company a scant 5 years (and really, 3 of [...]

It is in giving that we receive

I am starting to wake up to the fact that managing social media -- particularly my personal feeds, which are not curated like my art business feeds -- is an activity that comes under the heading of "socializing". That is, navigating a social space. Which is to say: it is an extroverted activity.That was not [...]

With apologies to November

Usually this is the time of year where I place my feet firmly in the Thanksgiving / autumnal camp and make an argument for taking things one month at a time, to enjoy what we have now and not rush off to the GIMME GIMME GIMME season. (That's really easy to do here in Oregon, [...]

Apples, apples everywhere

At the beginning of the month we trekked out to our beloved Mt. View Orchards to pick apples. We go every year, and with the addition of my brother-in-law -- newish to preserving and very enthusiastic -- we wanted to make sure we got a good haul.  We indeed got a very good haul -- [...]

Cedar waxwing feathers

Something made a snack of a cedar waxwing in my backyard -- I didn't see it in progress but I found the feathers. A whole lot a smooth greyish brown ones, and several diagnostic ones, including the namesake "wax" tipped secondary flight feathers.  I'd never seen these up close before -- they're very striking. As [...]

What’s in a user image?

I have been using Mr. Stargazer as my user image for a long time. I couldn't remember how long until I had to dig around for the original file in my archive-drive, and found him in the folder labeled…2010. Good God. It's not that I feel a particularly VISUAL affinity to the guy, it's just [...]


It was roughly 11 years ago today that I sat next to the weird guy in Art History class, to save my shy friend the trouble. A few weeks later I took this picture of him. (Well, mainly of the scenery, let's be real.) (And eight years after that, we tied the knot.)People would always ask [...]

Monster Drawing Rally.

On Friday I sat with about 80 other artists and illustrators before a bustling crowd to drew monsters, for the first (but hopefully not only,) Monster Drawing Rally.  I have Kate Bingaman-Burt to thank for my inclusion, as she suggested my name to the organizers. I wouldn't be surprised if she'd suggested most of the people [...]


Since about April I have rejoined the ranks of full-time glasses-wearers, after fifteen years of religious contact wearing. To back up: I have lived in corrective lenses since the second grade, and went to contacts as soon as they would let me. Before that I had worn godawful metal 1980s frames that were the crowning jewel [...]