Day 2: Ann’s tour

GET READY FOR PHOTOS. I was not economical with my snapshots. Partly this was because the weather during my first two days here was incredibly hot, and I alas did not bring either of my straw hats. (I missed them very badly on this trip.) I also just crammed a lot of sight seeing into [...]

Day 1: Arriving

By the time I reached Union Station I had been in transit about seven hours. City bus to light rail to airport, airplane to fancy shuttle bus to Union Station. The fancy shuttle bus was suggested to me by my AirBnB host in one of our final logistics emails. I was grateful for the tip [...]

LA: Intro

When I was about fourteen my family and I went to Disneyland. Going to Disneyland is not the same thing as going to Los Angeles, particularly as we didn't really venture that far beyond Anaheim. Aside from the obligatory Hollywood Day we pretty much stuck close to the world of fantasy, keeping reality at bay [...]