Painter’s Way

I have written before about the Oregon Country Fair, but I haven't written much about the PEOPLE. The community of gentle, wonderful people that make the thing possible. It's a large group of people I feel deeply connected to, although I've only had the pleasure of their company a scant 5 years (and really, 3 of [...]

OCF: Recycle Crew

Monday mornings are marked at Chez Kumquat by the recycling truck’s arrival. There’s a lot of truck noises as it maneuvers in between our building and the parked cars, and then a tremendous crash as the items in the blue bins get hoisted then dumped into the truck -- particularly the glass, which is a [...]

OCF: Moments

I often embellish things to make them look a little more amazing, but this is absolutely a true story. It's a little more subdued actually, since I think he was also wearing cat's eye sunglasses, and you also do not see the rest of the crew with buckets scanning the ground for cigarette butts. I [...]

OCF: Scaffolding

Fair. What can I say? It’s magic. And everybody says that. So what can I say that other people haven’t? Well, as a picture maker I can say this: it was a sweet, blessed relief to be in a world that understands the need for whimsy. From the admission gates made to look like the [...]

Oregon Country Fair!

For the past two years Anthony has had the privilege of working on the recycling crew at the Oregon Country Fair, and this will be the first year I will get to join him.“Getting” to work a volunteer position that routinely means lifting barrels of waste onto the back of a truck, climbing on rusty [...]