Solo Art Show: Tiny’s Coffee SE

For those of you in Portland, listen up: for the whole month of August I will have pictures up on the walls at Tiny's Coffee SE. I was trying to remember if I've ever had a show of JUST my illustrations. I've shown my canvas work here and there, and illustrations have popped up in [...]

Monster Drawing Rally 2016

All photos in this entry were taken for the Portland Art Museum by Cody Maxwell, and are used here with permission. There are many more pictures to admire here. I read on someone's Facebook page that "MDR" is the French version of "LOL" (mort de rire: dying of laughter), which is a great way to [...]

Leveling up

Illustrations for the most recent issue of Bitch Magazine, accompanying an article about Geek women finding one another and working together to solve problems in the geek world. (Harassment at conventions is a specific example, you might also consider the massive backlash Anita Sarkeesian faces as she produces Feminist Frequency.)


ICON is over and I'm sorry to see it go. But I'm also glad to have my life back. It's lovely to be in a room full of illustrators, because you know that by and large you are in a room with somewhat awkward introverts who excel at being outgoing and friendly when the need [...]

The second weekend of July

I'm missing my usual gig as volunteer recycler Oregon Country Fair (a hippie fair, not a farm show) to come to ICON:8 this year, and while it is the obvious professional choice it was not a choice made lightly. I love those silly muppets, and you can't beat camping in the woods for a week. Happily, [...]

New studio

After those last two entries I feel we need a bit of a pallet cleanser. So let's take a tour of the new studio, shall we? Welcome! From behind a tree on the north face of a residential building to the obstruction-free east-facing window of a building in the industrial district. None of these photos [...]

The best laid plans of mice and men

Today is the first time I really sat down and looked at the calendar to work this out: thirty three days. A little over a month. That's how long it's taken to get the studio fully moved in.The kinks are not worked out yet -- there will no doubt be a massive shuffling of papers [...]

The Big Fat Moving Sale

I've mentioned this on twitter, but it looks like we are moving this summer. Not out of Portland -- in fact barely a mile away from where we are now -- but into a shared house (with a yard! and chickens!) that will have both more space to stretch out in and yet less space [...]

The Magic of Websites

This is essentially what I've been up to all week. Trying to get this new website off the ground. Did you know that this sort of thing is a drag? For me it is, anyway. I was tooling around with Geocities websites back when you were in your early 30s, but things certainly have changed [...]