Just another path

My friend died. He has been dead almost three…four weeks now, as I write this. I have been writing about it, writing a whole lot, but whenever I sit down to write to a person (or in this case: people) I tend to clam up. It's so much easier to write to no one, somehow, [...]


I had the great pleasure of putting together a ketubah -- jewish wedding contract -- for a client not that long ago. It was a fun challenge, I really enjoy making milestone objects like this for people. 

With apologies to November

Usually this is the time of year where I place my feet firmly in the Thanksgiving / autumnal camp and make an argument for taking things one month at a time, to enjoy what we have now and not rush off to the GIMME GIMME GIMME season. (That's really easy to do here in Oregon, [...]

Emotions and politics

"There are two answers to things they will teach you about your land: the real answer and the answer you give in school to pass" I've been holding off on talking about our recent move -- because how interesting is that to anyone but me, really -- but also to do so seems so petty [...]