North and South and East and West

Up until November 8th, I was preparing a historical piece on Sarah Josepha Hale -- my latest historical figure crush, the woman who canvassed for years to secure the Thanksgiving holiday in our national pantheon. To my (albeit limited) knowledge, she was not an advocate of the Henry Wordsworth Longfellow rubbish about Pilgrims and "Indians" [...]

Slip Slidin’ Away

"...Cry. Swear. Laugh. Cry more. We are making a river with our tears and rivers quench the thirsty..." I had a massive headache for the past two days -- the sort that makes you not even want your morning coffee and leaves you feeling nauseous. I worked through it the first day and made it [...]

Draw-journaling and the “m” word.

One of the biggest shifts that happened during the Travis Thing was that I found myself being extra aware. Extra attentive to the present. I was snowed under by DETAILS -- some mundane, some very grim indeed. And I was startled to find those two things, the grim and the mundane, so close together like that. [...]

Just another path

My friend died. He has been dead almost three…four weeks now, as I write this. I have been writing about it, writing a whole lot, but whenever I sit down to write to a person (or in this case: people) I tend to clam up. It's so much easier to write to no one, somehow, [...]

Greetings from the trenches

We're six weeks into knowing about my friend with cancer, (see previous entry) and about five weeks into his 6-8 weeks prognosis. There isn't much to say about it. Most of the time, because I am not living with this friend nor am I that intimate with his family, life is normal -- transcendent and [...]

The courage of our hearts

On March 9th my husband's friend/boss was killed by a tree. About three weeks later, a woman I know -- a cleaning client -- died after a long, arduous battle with Parkinson's. I have written a LOT about that one, but haven't yet had the heart to post anything about it. So I was [...]


It's no traditional drive to Grandma's, but our little Thanksgiving turned out wonderfully well.Here's hoping yours was just as delightful. 


I think the strangest thing about our new place is that all of the objects that do not belong to us seem to be slightly bigger than our things.  The roommates have lived with people for I think all their adult lives, and have a child, so I suppose it makes sense in the area of larger [...]

In which we find a new home

Six years ago I confirmed the rental of a glorious apartment on the top floor of a historic building in the middle of what I consider to be the best neighborhood in Portland.The rental of this apartment was like a triumph, the culmination of a year's worth of planning and searching for all the accouterments [...]

The second weekend of July

I'm missing my usual gig as volunteer recycler Oregon Country Fair (a hippie fair, not a farm show) to come to ICON:8 this year, and while it is the obvious professional choice it was not a choice made lightly. I love those silly muppets, and you can't beat camping in the woods for a week. Happily, [...]