Explorations down the aural canal

THINGS I HAVE LEARNED ABOUT THE EAR CANAL IN THE PAST 26 HOURS OR SO - You are apparently not supposed to clean them with Q-tips, not even a little bit, despite the fact that Q-tips look and feel expressly designed for that purpose. (What…are they for then? Can anybody tell me?) My mother did [...]


Yesterday morning I put on my big sun hat and went up to St. John's to watch the Greenpeace protest. It was with an equal blend of civic duty and curiosity. I brought a big jug of ice water and finished my morning coffee there as I marveled at the people's pluck. All of this [...]


Listening to the This American Life RETRACTION show, because that's what I do when I'm painting fairly jolly narrative pictures. It's all about balance. Thinking a lot about fact and fiction (not fact vs. fiction -- an important distinction I think). It's something I meant to look into more carefully at the time that I [...]