Greetings from the trenches

We're six weeks into knowing about my friend with cancer, (see previous entry) and about five weeks into his 6-8 weeks prognosis. There isn't much to say about it. Most of the time, because I am not living with this friend nor am I that intimate with his family, life is normal -- transcendent and [...]

Day job

The most helpful advice I've received about money is that it should not be the reason you're doing something. And that's very good advice. Five years ago when I moved to Portland, I got a job at a law office. It was 2008, jobs were not that easy to find, and It was the first job [...]

Updates on the community garden plot

This is a really trippy cell-phone-picture-collage of what my garden plot looks like right now. I regret that I didn't take a "before" picture, because it was pretty grim. It was basically the inspiration for this: Still MILES better than what it was when we first started last year -- that was a lot of [...]

Community Garden Wrap-up

I've done a terrible job of keeping you updated abut this garden adventure. It's been a mixed bag. I was confirmed for a spot the day before I had knee surgery, which meant instead of tackling the gnarled tangle of weeds and plants left behind with the full blast of my strength and energy, I [...]