Zipper Pouches

These have been a marvel. I have been sewing off and on for about fifteen years, and making pictures for most of my life, but never before now have I been able to so perfectly combine the two as I have here, for these screenprinted zipper pouches I’ve made for this year’s Crafty Wonderland.

The hills were a given, they’ve showed up many times before now.

The clouds were an interesting surprise

…though thinking it over last night I realized we’ve seen these shapes before:

(Selections from the grief journal.)

It’s nice to see they’ve settled, and found a nice home up with the stars, where they probably belong.

Both designs are focused, quite deliberately, on travel. It’s is such a major touchstone of my life — not flashy, big-budget, full orchestral *TRAVEL*, but the regular kind. Childhood pilgrimages to Oklahoma every summer and Thanksgiving. Other road trips to national parks and extended camping trips. Exploring our own backyard.

This coming year will see more concrete exploration than I’ve had lately, and I wanted to honor that in some way. It’s been hunker down season, for many a reason, but I’m looking forward to going back out into the world. Seeing new things with fresh eyes.

These pouches make me happy in a way that nothing else quite has — I expect that, apart from travel, the new year will also see a definite upswing in screenprinting. Many, many thanks go to Meg, without whose guidance and steady hand these things could not have been made.

Case in point; here is the first one I made without her help, when she took a phone meeting:

So many more lessons and sessions (and, I suspect, practice pulling on paper) will be in the works come the new year. Until then, come by my booth at Crafty Wonderland this weekend and pick up one of these for your very own!

Saturday, December 9th + Sunday, December 10th, 2017
from 11am – 6pm

The Oregon Convention Center – Exhibit Hall A
777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.
Portland, OR 97232

I’ll be there at booth #59, listed as — what else? — Simply Kumquat.