Magnetic North

Back in mid-November I was invited by Meg Hunt — my friend and longtime secret illustrator crush — to move out of my undisclosed location in the warehouse district to Magnetic North. Leaving my artist’s hermitage was something this introvert slightly nervous about at first, but to say yes to this would meaning being in the company of delightful like-minded people, and having access to the building’s many perks, not least of which include a screen-printing apparatus (and, uh, people who know how to use that,) and possibly even a letterpress thing sometime next year.

Yes please.

The room was gunmetal grey when we signed the lease, but of course we are Meg Hunt and Maggie Wauklyn.

So that wouldn’t do.

I can’t remember when exactly we lost our delightful Hugh, succumbing as he did to a failure of both the clutch and the carborator, (lay off a little, would you, 2016?) but I know it was not long before Meg emailed me about this move. I didn’t *specifically* get a Toyota wagon because it would be ideal for moving, but that is indeed how it worked out. I moved everything in my studio in this car, in just about 3 trips. My desktop laid flat in the back, perfectly flat. It was something like a miracle.

This building will hopefully also be something like a miracle — it sure feels that way to me right now, bright and punchy as it is in a seemingly unpromising corner. It is so close to my first apartment in Portland that it is almost spooky.