I think the strangest thing about our new place is that all of the objects that do not belong to us seem to be slightly bigger than our things. 

The roommates have lived with people for I think all their adult lives, and have a child, so I suppose it makes sense in the area of larger pots and things. Get the 12″ skillet, not the 10″. 

But some things just leave me baffled.

I assume, like me, they’ve acquired their accoutrements piece by piece at thrift stores over the years, as needed. Then again I know that there is a high rate of leave-behinds, so I’m not even sure these things were acquired by the roommates on purpose. Which in a way makes it even weirder.

I maintain that living in a five hundred square foot apartment for six years naturally inclines one to buy the smaller item, to not buy the item if you don’t really need it, and to ruthlessly and continually purge, purge, purge until you are down to what seems to be a satisfactory kitchen arsenal. (And then to stop buying things until something you use every day breaks and cannot be fixed.) 

Anthony is quick to point out that I am small — always the smallest, and definitely the smallest at the house excluding the baby — so that perhaps my choice of our particular items were influenced by this. It may well be — I would never have a cast iron skillet I couldn’t lift comfortably with one hand. 

If you’ve watched the extras accompanying the Fellowship of the Ring you know that asserting the proper scale was key to the whole trilogy working, and if you’ve watched them as often as I have you find yourself wondering if you’ve stumbled onto the wrong set.